Information for Participants with Children
A Childcare Room and Family Room will be available at Neuroscience 2009.
At Childcare Room, professional staff will take care of children while you attend the meeting. Advance reservation is required.
At Family Room, parents may take some rest with their children and/or breastfeed them. There are no childcare staff in the Family Room. Parents must accompany their children for its use. No reservation is necessary.

Childcare Room
The Childcare Room will be operated by Pigeon Hearts Corporation, an official member of the All-Japan Babysitter Association. Mats and play equipment will be provided, and children will be cared for by specialist childcare staff. If you wish to use the Childcare Room, please be sure to read the regulations below and authorize the enclosed Consent Form when submitting your application in advance.

Opening Hours
(to be confirmed)
8:00-19:30, Wednesday, September 16
8:00-19:30, Thursday, September 17
8:00-17:30, Friday, September 18
It may not be possible to accept children without advance reservations.
For security reasons, only parents and guardians using the Childcare Room will be informed of its location.
Ages Accepted
From 3 months to sixth graders
200 yen/30 minutes
(Please pay at the Childcare Room on the day, using exact money only.)
Application Period
From Tuesday, January 20, 2009 to Tuesday, September 8, 2009.
*Reservations received after the deadline will be accommodated should space be available. Please ask in this eventuality.
How to Apply
Please be sure to read the Regulations for Use below, fill in the required information on the application form, and fax it to Pigeon Hearts Corporation (+81-52-262-8682).
A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you on receipt of your application.
Please be sure to contact Pigeon Hearts Corporation if there are any changes to the content of your application, or if you have any queries.
* Inquiries *
Pigeon Hearts Corporation
Contact: Ms. Kakumae
5-16-27 Chiyoda, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 460-0012
Fax: +81-52-262-8682
Web site:
* In E-mail inquiries, please use the subject line "Neuroscience 2009 Childcare Room Inquiry."
Important Notes on Use of Childcare Room
  1. You must show personal identification that includes your name and address (either passport, valid Japanese drivers license, or alien registration card).
  2. Please be sure to inform the staff if your child is not in normal good health.
  3. Your child cannot use the Childcare Room if either of the following apply;
    • if he or she is running a fever or unwell that day;
    • if any of the following infectious diseases is suspected. If your child has recently been treated for any of these diseases, please bring a doctor's certificate with you:
      Chickenpox/measles/mumps/hand, foot, and mouth disease/rubella/impetigo/vomiting and diarrhea/molluscum contagiosum/contagious conjunctivitis/whooping cough/influenza/common cold
    • if Pigeon Hearts or Childcare Room staff determine that your child is not suited to nursery care
What to Bring
  • Personal identification (either passport, valid Japanese drivers license, or alien registration card)
  • Childcare Room Application Form
  • Items required during childcare period (must be named). Please bring these all together on the day. All belongings must be placed together in a single bag.
    Snacks or baby food and drink. (Lunch and raw food are prohibited. Baby food must be in unopened jars or freeze-dried packs.)
    Any other items regarded as necessary during the childcare period.
    * Please provide baby bottles, powdered formula, diapers, and a change of clothes.
Drop off
  1. Please take your child to the toilet before bringing them to the Childcare Room.
  2. The staff will take your child and their belongings (single bag only) into the Childcare Room, check your personal identification, and give you a Confirmation Form. The purpose of the Confirmation Form is to identify the parent or guardian. Please be careful not to lose it. Please tell the staff about how your child is feeling and acting that day. Please also tell the staff directly if there are any points of which they should be aware while looking after your child.
Pick up
  1. The same person who dropped off your child should pick up him or her and show the Confirmation Form.
  2. The staff will return your child and his or her bag.
    • If your child is to be dropped off and picked up by different people, please inform the staff of this at drop off time.
      The person who picks up your child must show personal identification.
    • If the staff have not been informed or the Confirmation Form has been lost, the staff may not be able to hand over your child.
    • If more than 30 minutes have elapsed after the scheduled pick up time and it is not possible to contact the parent or guardian, the Convention Secretariat may be informed.
The Childcare Room will not engage in any form of meal preparation.
Please eat lunch with your child outside the Childcare Room (in the Family Lounge or elsewhere).
In principle, staff will handle snacks and drinks (biscuits, powdered formula, etc.) that are provided by the parent or guardian, but as a refrigerator is not available please only provide items that can be stored at room temperature. Pigeon Hearts Corporation will not accept any responsibility whatsoever in the event that food poisoning or illness occurs as a result.

Staff will contact you immediately in the event your child is injured, starts to run a fever, or of any other emergency, by calling your mobile phone.

  • Should staff be unable to contact a parent or guardian, they will use the emergency contact details given in the Childcare Room Application Form.
  • Should medical treatment be necessary, your child will be taken to a nearby hospital at the same time as staff members contact you urgently.

Pigeon Hearts Corporation takes every precaution to ensure the safety of childcare, but in the event that an accident occurs for which childcare staff are responsible, this will be discussed with Pigeon Hearts Corporation and the childcare worker concerned, and the company will respond within the scope of its insurance policy.

Family Room
This room contains mats, play equipment, and partitions. Please use it freely to eat or relax with your children, or as a nursing room. Advance registration is not required. There are no childcare staff in the Family Room. While in this room, children must be accompanied by their parents or guardians, who are requested to use it responsibly and safely.

Opening Hours
(to be confirmed)
8:00-19:30, Wednesday, September 16
8:00-19:30, Thursday, September 17
8:00-17:30, Friday, September 18
Nagoya Congress Center
The contracting company's insurance does not cover any accident or injury taking place in the Family Room, and the JNSS and the Convention Secretariat accept no responsibility whatsoever for any occurrence.
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